Introducing the new Tack Shirt

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When we first set out to make the Tack Shirt, we had a few ideas in mind. We wanted to make a shirt that is functional during training but still fits and looks good on the street.

There's a few other products on the market that most call "grip shirts" but they are either more than what the average person needs (with a price tag to match) or are not too functional during front carries or log cleans. 

First, I contacted my local printer, Positive Approach in Buffalo, NY with the idea. After researching inks, they felt that a clear gel screen on top of a screen print would work best. We decided on sticking with the same premium shirts that we run our street shirts on. We ran a sample. It looked great and worked well but once it became sweaty, it no longer had much tack. 

Here's a photo of the first version:

strongman tack shirt

The second prototype (and the one that went to production) has a puff additive to the first screens that when baked, it puffed up. The final gets two passes of the ink with the puff additive, and then a third pass with a clear gel tacky ink. This design proved to have superior tack to the original prototype and kept working well after it was covered in sweat.


Check out that sweet puff action:
We're pumped that moment these shirts started hitting mailboxes, my inbox has been full of great feedback. If you've purchased a Tack Shirt, please consider leaving a review on the product page. Look for future updates of this shirt in different ink colors, and designs!
Is this a grip shirt? Why do you call it a Tack Shirt?
We wanted to differentiate. The other grip shirts on the market tend to have an all over pattern print.  This is a tee with tacky screen prints that happen to grip barbells and implements, but it is not printed on the inside nor a screened, then sewn together grip shirt like some of the more expensive ones on the market.
How do I size this shirt?
There is a size chart on the product page. We recommend you size it for a fitted fit. I wear XL on the street but can squeeze into a L for that gym bro look. I wear a L Tack Shirt, so there's less fabric to move around, especially on things like stone loading.
Will this help my _____?
Nothing will help you lift, you need to do that on your own. If you have a large bench arch, the shirt will help you not slide. If you find your crappy gym's bars with almost no knurling slides around on your back, this shirt will help it stay in place. It'll give you a bit of help on things like Husafell stones and Stone of Steel as well.
What's next?
We'll have some more releases with different colored ink. We'll probably keep the same charcoal grey shirt, it doesn't show tacky from stones nearly as much as other colors. I'm thinking pink ink would look awesome on the charcoal grey. Feel free to leave comments to this post with your suggestions.


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