The I&S Tack Shirt

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Our goal was to create a grip shirt that is functional during training or competition that still looks good on the street. After running a few prototypes and thoroughly testing them, we decided they are ready for release! 

Read our blog post here about the making of and development of this shirt.

Our Tack Shirt is a premium t-shirt with a three step printing process that results in a tacky ink. The ink provides additional bite during yoke runs, bench press, squats, log cleans, loading or carrying kegs, husafell stones, and atlas stones. It's not so tacky that it hinders your movements though! Give it a try! 

We think it'll be your new favorite training shirt. 

A note about sizing: These are printed on the same style of shirts as our other designs. We recommend a snugger fit to take advantage of the tack qualities. If you wear xl comfortably but can fit in a large, go with the large. 

A note about durability: Our Tack shirt can be washed and dried like any other tee. Please keep in mind, rough atlas stones can tear the shirt like any other shirt and repetive use with tacky will shorten the life of the shirt. Many of us have one dedicated stone shirt, and one for normal use.