Nickel City's Strongest 2018

 Nickel Citys Strongest USS Strongman Competition in Buffalo NY


July 28th, 2018

Buffalo Riverworks Waterfront Complex, Buffalo, NY
359 Ganson St, Buffalo, NY 14203

USS Strongman competition held at Buffalo's Health, Wellness, and Fitness Expo presented by Eat Rite Foods.

Weigh ins: 
Friday 7/27/18 - 10:00-11:30a - Elite Fitness & Personal Training - 4611 Military Road, Niagara Falls, NY 14305
Friday 7/27/18 - 6:30-7:30p @ Riverworks (competition site) - 359 Ganson St, Buffalo, NY 14203

Rules briefing: 9:00a

Warm up: 9:30a

Competition starts: 10:00a

Log Clean & Press - log clean and press every rep, max reps in 60 seconds. Wait for down command, rep counted after knees and elbow locked out with log overhead and legs in line under hips.
Allowed: grip shirts, belts, sleeves, wrist wraps, chalk

Axle Deadlift - Deadlift axle on tires, max reps in 60 seconds. Wait for down and up commands. Rep counted when back and knees are locked out.
Allowed: belts, sleeves, wraps, straps, chalk. No deadlift suits or briefs.

Farmers/ Front Carry Medley - Run farmers handles 60', then pick up implement and run it back. Men will run a Magnussen Carry (or death cross) back, women will pick a steel Husafell stone from the floor and run it back. Unlimited picks, 60 second max.
Allowed: belts, sleeves, wraps, chalk, grip shirts. No tacky, tacky towels or straps.

Yoke - Run a yoke 60' for time. Unlimited drops, 60 seconds max.
Allowed: grip shirts, belts, sleeves, wraps, chalk. No squat suits or knee wraps.

Atlas Stone Series - Load 4 stones onto a wooden platform, 50” men, 48” women. The stones will be placed a short distance away from the platform, you will have to pick them up and carry them before loading. As the stones go up in weight, the distance shortens. The lightest stone will be 8' away, the second 6', and the last two will be at the platform (no carry). 60 seconds max
Allowed: grip shirts, tacky, sleeves, duct tape


Online entry form can be done online HERE 
USS entry form can be found HERE 

After entry form is filled out, payment can be made HERE

Competition order will be reverse order in which complete entries (filled out and paid) are received. This means last person to register is the first person on the platform. 

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